Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: New Family Member

Been a while since the last blog entry.  In spite of no entries, have been rather busy.  

This is the time of the year when various electronic shows appear.  From Japan to the United States,  they offer the manufacturers opportunities to present their latest products.

As photographic equipment is now considered to be electronic, most of the major players appear at these shows and display their new designs and updated equipment..

Like newly introduced automobiles, there is much hype about the latest and greatest improvements.  Usually the changes are - for the most part - small tweets with minor changes.  As almost any recently manufactured camera will produce a quality still image, the more dramatic changes are in the video recording area.  More and more cameras are either adding or improving this part of their product. 

Owning and using the Panasonic GH4 implies that my video requirements are well covered and the newer offerings are of little interest.

As with vehicles, last years model - if available - can be purchased at a discounted cost.  The same holds for photography equipment.  After much reading of web reviews and e-mails, decided that an earlier camera model would be a usefull addition.

Welcome the  

While the menu is a bit different and many times not clear - would you believe that off is really on. Using same lenses as the Panasonic models, the Olympus offers image stabilization in the body.  Panasonic puts it in the lenses.  Not a big difference but different.  The Olympus colors are perhaps a bit richer but are close to the Panasonic colors. 

After several hours spread over some five days - remember the menu's are confusing - the camera is setup to my liking. Getting 50 degree weather, took the new member out for a test run to familiar locations as a means of comparison to previous results.

A few examples from the Olympus OM-D

  Richmond, Indiana

  Cambridge, City, Indiana.

Finally, Knightstown Indiana