Friday, January 23, 2015

TGIF: Spending Time

Been a while since the last post.  For me, outdoor photography and cold weather do not go together. Rather then walking about, prefer to remain inside and warm.

Several days were filled with preparing to teach an introduction to digital photography course for the local Richmond Art Museum.  Writing, editing and printing handouts for the class managed to kept me busy and away from doing very much new work. With only four scheduled meetings, needed to have a carefully selected collection of presentations.

As mentioned in an earlier post, TGIF is an opportunity to feature images a bit different.

  Richmond, Indiana.

Not a digital but a film photograph.  While digital cameras are able to produce black and white and color photographs, the black and white film photograph is more to my liking

As the class seems to be under control, will attempt to return to a more regular posting. .