Friday, October 3, 2014

TGIF: It's Back

Truly wonderful last few days here in the World Headquarters of Today's Image.

On Wednesday, received notice that the PhotoNinja software has been updated and now will decode the files from all my cameras, including the Panasonic GH4.  

The last two days have been taken up using the program on old and new files. Attempting to determine what the new edition offers and how it compares with the previous version.

So far, have nothing but praise for the updated version. Results are pleasing - what I want in a final image - and rather straightforward to achieve it.  

A few results:

  Richmond, Indiana.   

Here the color and sharpness match the original scene.

Next, the photograph of the closed school building in Jacksonburg, Indiana contains color richness and detail in the shadows as well as in the highlights.

A final example - Cambridge City, Indiana - presents not only a fine example of brick construction, but also great detail and fine color values.

Thank you, PhotoNinja. This is a marvelous editing program that enables my vision.