Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Reality Check

Quiet and rather cold weekend with upper 30's at night.  A morning walk followed with a bit of time watching Futbol on TV.  Yes, finally Liverpool won.  

Because of the weather, it was not too great to be outside,  so inside for much of the day.  Reviewing recent photographs got me thinking about Richmond.

 A quick web search offered:

Richmond is a city largely within Wayne Township, Wayne County in East Central Indiana. 

Richmond is the County Seat of Wayne County and in the 2010 Census it had a populaton of 38,812.  This is a decrease of 5.9% from the 2000 Census.

The last sentence got my attention.  The population is down almost 6%.  The next census is 2020 and a guess is that the population will again decrease. 

These numbers along with a guess would explain what is seen in the center of the city. 

 This is just one of several such stores in city center.  Downtown used clothing and furniture storefronts along with used car/truck lots on the edges of the community.

Another indicator would be the new addition to the All-American PawnThe interior space is now more than twice the original.  With more inventory on hand additional space was needed.  A growth industry - one of the few - for Richmond, Indiana.

 Richmond is not different from ever so many other Midwest locations.  What is happening here is being repeated elsewhere.  As written many times, over several months and years, these are hard times for a lot of people and doesn't seem to be getting any better.