Friday, September 12, 2014

TGIF: Wlecome To My world

 As the beer ad suggestions - Find Your Beach.
Join as we take a brief walkabout a part of my beach.  First stop is Cambridge City, Indiana.  Once a canal town, now a few blocks along US Route 40.
Next stop is Boston, Indiana.  No retail business left and soon to lose its Post Office.  The Bank left years ago and has been recycled into a private home.  As often in small communities the bank building is well constructed to give the feeling of strength and safety. 

 Moving a brief distance away from Boston, is the town of  Abington, Indiana.  A general store is the only business left.  Once you could purchase fuel for your vehicle, pick up last minute groceries and chat with the owner about the latest gossip.  These days no fuel, few supplies and not always open.  
To outsiders, these locations are slowly dying - if not already dead - with little to attract new business and residents. 

To local folks they remain a hometown, a place filled with rich memories. 

Have you found your Beach?