Friday, August 22, 2014

TGIF:Not a Happy Camper

OK - last couple of days not too choice.
Been raining and walking is a bit of challenge.  We have managed with shorter and hurried excursions.  Hopefully weather will change - note: we do need the rain, but.......
Attempting to learn a new editing program and it's a spot of bother.  Not a intuitive interface which means several false starts before the wanted action takes place. Getting there and should have it under control in a day or so - dream on.
Additionally, the photography work station has developed a virus.  Internet Explorer is not my friend.  Worked with a MS person - by phone - and together we were unable to fix the problem.  She ended up suggesting taking the computer to Best Buy for their Geek Squad to fix.  Said thanks, hung up and replaced Internet Explorer with another tool and all seems to be well. 
Finally, another example of Midwest hard times - used stuff for sale and buying gold. 
 Winchester, Indiana
Check back on Monday for a more upbeat post.