Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: All Is Good

Morning started off really fine.  We had a delightful four mile walk. Returned home refreshed and ready for the rest of the day.

With fresh coffee in hand, checked out the computers to determine if the virus indeed had been removed.  Everything seems to be working correctly.  Sorting this out only took most of Friday - day and night - as well as much of Saturday.  With the help of Google and a couple of web sites the problems were identified and removed. 

After looking at a screen for some two days, decided that Sunday was a no computer day.  Eyes needed a break.

Now with computer up and running, did quick run thru of the new editing program that I have been trying out.  Using a few images that had been edited earlier in other software for comparison. The results appear promising and will continue with the new tool.

A favorite image processed with the recently added software.

 Charlottesville, Indiana.

With the computer and software world - for the moment - under control, the afternoon will be spent watching futbol and cheering Liverpool over Man City.