Saturday, August 9, 2014

TGIF: Searching For Content

For this week, Saturday is the new Friday.
Productive and an unproductive past week.  Spent time - way too much - as decided to check out what other folks were doing in video.
First had to find a collection of online posted video's.  That turned out to be rather straightforward.  Next, because there were many, had to reduce the number of examples.  Filtered the list by choosing the camera used to produce them.  (selected the one that I use.)
This left some 600 video's.  They seemed to fall into groups of equipment reviews and/or tests, weddings, vacation trips, selfies and PR for a project.
While these groups were filled with earnest attempts, for the most part they were - for me - less than useful.  Reminded me of "show and tell" from school days.  This is how it works; these are the choices and this is the result.  Weddings are important to the couple and their families and/or friends, but not helpful in skill development.  Vacation video's brought back the slide show in a darken room of a recent trip, no thanks.  Selfie's in still photography are for the most part uninteresting and the video example is no different.  PR is PR, which a nice way of putting a good "face" on a talent or a product, nope.
OK - of the over 600 found one -1 - that captured my attention.  One that told a story.  Told it in a direct, simple and complete manner.  No self expression. No look at what I/we have done.  No this is where I went. None of those purposes.  Just a story, a beginning, middle and end.  A visual narrative that informs, enriches and remains within a viewer. 
Images well crafted, deeply felt and presented with care, these matter.  They exist.  Like a needle in a hay stack, they are there, just keep looking and you will see.
  Bloomingsport, Indiana.
Nothing more than the intersection of two roads, a couple of houses/ double-wides, a closed church and this abanded store.  Once, while cycling, an oais for a cool drink and candy bar.  Gone but well remembered.