Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: That Time Again

It's Tuesday not Monday.  Seem to be running late the last few days.  Hope to catch up by the end of the week.
The day begins with a web page newspaper, a cup of coffee and liah's impatience for her morning walk,  After a quick newspaper read and coffee, we went walking.
Backed off viewing web video's as my eyes were suggesting it was time to take a break. Rather than watching a computer screen, decided to sit down and attempt to formulate what exactly hoped to achieve using a video medium. 
Couldn't / didn't get vary far, so packed up camera equipment, left liah in charge and went out to photograph.  Often a change of scenery helps clear up problems.
Ended up walking the streets of Winchester, Indiana.  A County seat with a courthouse square.  As with other Midwest cities, many empty storefronts that are for rent and/or lease. 
Discovered a few that were open for business and for a change photographed them.   
Positive images did the trick.  With a cleared mind and some ideas for video's, returned - much to Liah's joy - to Today's Image headquarters.