Friday, July 25, 2014


Bit of a rant.  Have grown tired of web pages/blogs that  endlessly review photography equipment. Assume they are useful for some but my interest in them has waned.  Rant over.
Have spent time watching TV commericals and web videos.
Not paying a lot of attention to their content but rather for the  
their various editing techniques.  Attempting to get a feeling for what is possible and effective. 
No video capture  and/or editing work this week.  Been spending photogaphy time with still capture and editing software .  Attempting to find an editing program for one of my digital cameras.  After checking out several offerings, finally settled on one for the time being.  When PhotoNinja introduces it next version will use it.  Until then, making do with DxO Optics.
Managed to get out and about to do some photography.  Been returning to previous locations to see what -if anything - has changed since my last visit.  A favorite place is Centerville, Indiana.  Always finding something a bit different.
Have a great weekend and check back on monday.