Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Minor Video Victory

 Spent much of Sunday in the world of video.  Attempting to decode the Corel video manual and not doing very well.  Finally decided that needed to search out a visual learning tool.
Off to the web wilderness and You Tube.  Discovered a couple that offered a rather clear explanation of the Corel software.
Left the web and returned to reality to apply my new found knowedge.  WRONG.  
While the You Tube presentations were straightforward and clear, they didn't transfer into my ability to produce an edited video.  Back to "square one". 
Enter Plan B - Open the editing program and "play" with it.  
First order of business, get a big mug of fresh coffee.  With mug next to keyboard, play begins.  Slowly - we are talking hours here - the software begins to make sense.  With a wee bit of information and a lot of luck, several clips are edited and combined into a video.  Not a great video but at least a video.  YES.
To continue need more additional clips to work with and the local talent - Liah - is sleeping the day away. 
Now the production area of Today's Image is filled with files of still photographs.  Will select some and work with them.
A short visit to the web - more You Tube - yields how to produce a video using the "Ken Burns" technique.  A still image is zoomed and paned giving a feeling of movement. 
This effect seems so right for a still photographer to venture into the world of video.  While not all that great, the folowing is an example.