Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Morning Coffee: Photo Ninja-Good News/Bad News

Selected a new Monday Morning Coffee photograph.  Change is good.

Been "playing" some more with the Photo Ninja editing program and beginning to understand it a bit better. 

The default options - while useful - produce an image that is a little too "rich" with colors similar to using Fuji film. 

Backing down a couple of choices yield results that are more to my liking.  

Picking a couple of previous posted captures and using my Photo Ninja modifications, we have

  Russellville, Ohio.

  Richmond, Indiana.

In both of these, color and sharpness - key to my way of working - are acceptable and an improvement over the earlier Adobe Photoshop result.

While the Photo Ninja software works with these Panasonic camera images, I have not been able to decode my Nikon camera files.  The information provided by the program developers, suggested that it would handle the Nikon files. 

Contacted the folks that wrote the program and await their responce.