Friday, January 31, 2014

TGIF:New Software - Maybe

After viewing several images processed using Photo Ninja software, decided to give it a try. Downloaded and installed it on the photo computer. 

 Selected a Raw file and processed it using Photoshop.

Then ran the same raw file in Photo Ninja.

Although the cropping is a bit different, it's the color and sharpness that differs.  The Photo Ninja image appears - to me - more film like rather then digital.  A bit "richer" and sharper. 

These two - color and sharpness - are most important to my way of working. 

Selected another raw file and processed it in Photo Ninja to see if the changes - sharpness and color - carried over to a different file.


Yes, the differences did carry over.

These two files - taken in West Manchester, Ohio -  when processed using Photo Ninja, instead of Photoshop's Camera Raw, are to my liking.

 Have a couple of weeks of free trial left to test and compare before a final decision.