Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee: Liah Update and Huntington, Indiana

Liah seemed back to normal last Friday evening.  Saturday she still appearing cured, we headed out to Preble County for our morning walk.  On Sunday after a brief neighborhood ramble, she appeared herself again, so decided leave her and to venture out to photograph.  On returning in the afternoon, found her to be just fine.

However early Monday morning she begin to feel ill as the stomach problems returned.  These problems lasted the rest of the day and into the overnight hours.

Today - Tuesday - while acting fatigued and sleeping soundly the stomach seems better and under control.  Let's hope so!

Sunday went North about bit more than an hour of driving and stopped in Huntington.

Huntington is a city and the county seat of Huntington County, Indiana. 

In 2015 with a population 17,095, it was the 2,033rd largest city in the United States.

By 2016 the population had increased to 17,391.  This is currently 3.4% smaller than 17,454 of  2000, the year of its peak recorded population.  The cities growth is extremely below average. 85% of similarly sized cities are growing faster since 2000.

   Huntington, Indiana

   Huntington, Indiana.

Will be more from Huntington during the week.