Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee: Change of Pace

The weather over this weekend was just fine.  Low humidity, cool nights and daytime temperatures reasonable for this time of the year.

Rather than take advantage of the weather to wander off and photograph, decided to spend time with Liah.  

We took several walks - long and short - as well as, just enjoying each others company.  Reading in the shade for me and sleeping in the sun for her. 

On the Monday morning walk thru tunnels of tall corn and fields of beans, we both were rested, relaxed and able to really enjoy the quiet Preble County landscape.

A couple of images from an earlier journey to Huntington. The central core around the courthouse is very neat and tidy.

Almost all the buildings are old but well cared for. 

        Huntington, Indiana.

Just a black away it is a bit different scene.

   Huntington, Indiana.