Friday, June 30, 2017

TGIF: Down and Coming Up

Been an down and up kind of week.  Starting off with the non working coffee maker and later the discovery that the studio and on camera flashes are not working when connected to Olympus cameras. However they do operate when using a Panasonic camera.

After getting the coffee machine up and running - day four and still making coffee - turned attention to the flash problem.

Contacted the flash and camera manufactures to see if they had solutions to the problem.  

The studio flash folks suggested a solution which would require purchasing some of their reasonably priced equipment. Decided that was the best way to go and placed an order. 

The new equipment has arrived, connected and the studio units now fire when hooked up to Olympus and Panasonic cameras.  Studio problem solved.

Next up, the on camera flash units.  The Olympus company response was to buy their overpriced products.  That would be a quick and easy solution but it would be just throwing a lot of money at the problem.  Not acceptable. 

Next move was to see what else - if anything - is available.
This took many hours over several days searching the Web for an acceptable solution. 

Came across a photography blogger that wrote about searching and finding small, light, inexpensive and dependable on camera flash units manufactured in China. 

Sadly, he was not using Olympus/Panasonic cameras.   Perhaps they had a product that would be compatible with 
my cameras.  Attempted to contact the Chinese organization. No response.  

O.K. - if you wish to purchase something - anything - where do you go?, of course.  Sure enough they listed the on camera units for wide array of cameras, including Olympus/Panasonic. 

Ordered and should arrive next week.  On camera problem solved. 

If you are still here, how about some photography.

   Fort Recovery, Ohio.

Not sure, but appears to be a village building, perhaps a fire station.