Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Morning Coffee: Crawfordsville, Indiana

The city of Crawfordsville is the county seat of Montgomery County, Indiana.  The population has been rather stable as in 2000 it was 15,243 rising to 15,915 in 2010 and 15,988 in 2014.

This consistent population is bit misleading. In a letter of interest submitted to the 2015 Stellar Communities Program we find the following. 

"We have experienced a noticeable decline in the number of professionals choosing to live in our community. This has a very negative impact not only because of the loss of spending power but the loss of human capital and the leadership potential it brings. 

There is one age group that is becoming increasingly sparse in our community. Young people ages 22-35 are not choosing to call our community home. It is a trend that is very disturbing and represents a credible threat to our future. Most notably, local young people chose not to return to Crawfordsville after completing their college education."

These observations are not unique to Crawfordsville. They describe what is occurring across the Midwest.

While walking about the center of the city, struck by the well maintained period architecture.

   Crawfordsville, Indiana

    Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Will continue the Crawfordsville walkabout in the next few posts.