Friday, April 28, 2017

TGIF: Time Well Spent

Been a busy fun-filed week.  Covered some 600 miles wandering for two days in West-Central Indiana.

Returning spent another two days selecting and editing the results.  Will begin posting the finished images next week.  

Almost all the work was done using the newly acquired Olympus Pen F camera. It is becoming the go-to camera. 

Finishing up the earlier Monticello visit with a City Hall photograph.     

   Monticello, Indiana.

The building shares a side street with the White County building in the recent Morning Coffee article.  While the architecture design is not as modern as the county structure, it has a historical charm in the manner in which the traditional red brick and limestone materials are used.  Have a feeling that the city hall belongs while the county building doesn't quite fit in.

Have a good weekend and check back on Monday.