Friday, March 10, 2017

TGIF: Not a Happy Camper

This has been a day from Hell.  Before launching into the details, a photograph so if not interested in the details of the troubling problems, at least will get to view an recent image.

   New Castle, Indiana.

Troubling details - early in the week decided to upgrade computer and monitor.  After way too many hours reading reviews and other bits of research, the monitor choice was chosen. Since it was not available locally, an order was placed to a big box store in N.Y.  It arrived in two days.

Now the task was to find a computer.  Returning to the reading of specifications and reviews selected a couple to consider further.

To speed up the process made a phone call and and spoke to a real live person.  After a rather long call a computer was selected and written specifications were e-mailed.

Reviewing the spec's, decided all was good.  Ordered and it arrived undamaged in five days. 

So far everything seems under control - not.  Seems no one saw fit to include a display cable so that the monitor and the computer could work together.  

The required cable has one connector at one end and a different connector at the other. Contacted the seller - have dealt with them for over 20 years - suggested contact the manufacturer.  Tried to contact the monitor manufacturer, using e-mail and phone call. No e-mail reply and the phone unanswered.

Next was a phone call to the computer manufacturer support.
Was transferred one after another, to seven - count them 7 - different people. In each case, English seemed to be a second language. 

The last person, while seeming to understand the problem, suggested a cable to connect the two.  

At this point am not convinced it is the correct connector but ordered the cable fully expecting to return it.  Meanwhile will continue searching for the correct conector between the monitor and computer.