Friday, January 20, 2017

TGIF: Field of Dreams

Up early after a quick bit of food we - Liah and I - set off for a morning ramble in Preble County.  Weather was darkly overcast, light rain and spotty fog which matched personal feelings.

The wander was, in a strange way, refreshing.  Very quiet and surrounded in isolation - just the two of us. A time to reflect what is happening today in the Capital.

Also a time to recall a wonderful pleasant, bright sunny and clear day in a very special place - The Field of Dreams.      

   Dyersville, Iowa.

Looking back to when America's game was not football but was baseball.  A time when players came out of the corn and joined together, to play a game that they loved.  

A much simpler time in which the country, as with baseball, moved at slower respective pace instead of the violet intermediate action of today's football.

Walking along a road in rural Ohio, a personal field of dreams, and hoping that our future is more like baseball than football.