Friday, January 27, 2017

TGIF: Cobbling

This week Winter arrived.  Temperatures were in the 60's early and they are now in the 30's during the day.  The colder weather was accompanied with a couple days of freezing rain and followed with a light dusting of snow. Along with the changing weather, the sun has not made an appearance. Time to be inside with the wood fire and sleeping Liah.

While cleaning up, discovered some exposed but not developed black and white film. Seems like fine time process it.  

Bit of back story.  Over fifteen years ago, traveling with Poor Jack Amusements, would photograph workers during the week and return home on the weekend, develop, print the results and then return with prints.  

This project produced a rather large number exposed but undeveloped rolls of film, decided it was time to automate the film developing.  After some research, decided to purchase a Jobo Processor that could handle as much as eight rolls of 35mm film at a time.

Yesterday, gathered up the undeveloped film, and set off for the darkroom.  In preparing to process the film, discovered a problem with the Jobo machine and needed a replacement part.  

Sadly this company closed its USA branch in 1985 and returned to Germany.  Since returning they, for the most part stopped manufacturing.  Time fire up the computer and see what's available.  After a bit of searching, uncovered a replacement part and ordered it.

Since was not at all clear on the ETA of the part, decided to check out local big box stores to see if could cobble together something that would do till the correct part arrives.   Found a couple possible bits and now in the process getting them installed.  So far it hasn't come together.  Will keep trying.

Will close with a color image from an earlier project.

   Richmond, Indiana.

Enjoy the weekend and check back Monday.