Friday, December 9, 2016

TGIF: A Week of Liah, Winter and Questions

A bit behind finishing tasks as Liah has been laid up with stomach problems.  After a visit to vet, she now has joined the pill club - four a day.

Time to be inside with wood fire and a cup of fresh coffee, as Winter has arrived.  Morning walk included a wind chill correction of nine degrees and a light dusting of snow. 

This week has been spent reviewing and sorting the last eight years Midwestern images.  Attempting to put together about thirty to forty that demonstrate how the region has been affected by the changing industrial economy.

There are several difficult decisions to be faced.  Questions of equipment and materials used. These include such as digital and/or analog equipment, black and white and/or color images and prints and/or digital presentation.  

Meanwhile, as answers to these questions require a good deal of time, will sign-off with a photograph.

   Richmond, Indiana.