Friday, November 4, 2016

TGIF: Recovery and Anthony, Indiana

Been a rather long difficult week.  Liah, after a 12 hour bout with a stomach problem, has recovered and is back to her usual self. 

After checking in with doctor, my health issues have been resolved.  While not a complete recovery, will have to accept about an 80% return to normal.  This implies that certain physical activities must be avoided so as to not cause further problems. Thankfully am able to continue walking about the landscape.

With the various medical problems somewhat under control, left Liah in charge and set out to spent some time walking and photographing in the unincorporated community of Anthony, Indiana.

Instead of the usual red brick construction materials, there were several yellow brick buildings.

What once was red brick appears now to have a stone facade and to be painted yellow.

Today a video store and wondering what the building originally housed.