Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Seasonal Change

Good-by Fall.  Hello Winter.  Daytime temperatures in 40's falling into 20's at night.  No wandering outside for long periods of time, rather replaced by quick, short journeys followed with bowels of hot spicy soup.  Wood fire, futbol and reading are the tasks of the day.

Remembering the nice blue sky and warm 70 degree weather while walking around the village of DeGraff.

           DeGraff, Indiana.

Recall discovering a wonderful re-purposed auto repair 
building complete with Gold Medal Flour sign, that is now the Pirates Den

   DeGraff, Indiana.

No snow yet, but certainly it will be appear sometime in the days ahead.  Could be interesting - red brick and white snow.
Maybe Winter might not be all that bad. We'll see!