Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Photography or Experience?

With the rain on a temporary hold, managed to get out, visit and photograph.  One location was Arcanum in nearby Western Ohio.

Arrived there about noon time on a week day.  Usually this is not a favorite time to photograph, as expected to see some traffic and people out and about. Would rather work when there are fewer distractions. 

Surprise, the place was empty. 

Now Arcanum is a village in Dark County with a 2010 population of a touch more than 2,100.  

On this day nothing seemed to be moving and the place frozen in time.  Usually find this sort on Sunday's, not in the middle of the week.

Returning home began to consider my Arcanum venture. Walking around the village, what really was happening?

What is the take away?  Is it the photography or the experience?