Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: It's Coming Together

The past few days have been really low key.  Our walks have been shortened as the rain continues. 

While waiting for the weather to clear, been inside attending to details in the move to using film. 

Color film materials have arrived, the color processing kit should be here tomorrow, a camera bag insert for Pentax equipment is scheduled to show up on Wednesday and on Friday the repaired Noblex panoramic camera is due. Remaining is the return of the repaired Pentax equipment.

The last couple of days have been spent reviewing and doing black and white film processing, scanning and post processing.

Next up is to repeat these tasks using color film.

An example of these efforts would be this image from an earlier cross country journey on US Route 50.

   Loogootee, Indiana.

By next weekend should be up to speed in both black and white and color film materials.