Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: White Is The New Black

Trust you're having a "Bang Up" day on this the 4th of July.

   Frankfort, Indiana.

Here at the World Headquarters, we have overcast skies and light rain. Liah is pleased as this means few, if any loud fireworks will be set off.  

Lately, have been checking out a number of web sites and personal blogs.  Discovered that many are in the process of changing their appearance.  Off course change provides a sense of attention as updating is often a way to attract additional followers.

Most of the new looks are minor departures from the previous presentation.  A bit of different type form and small layout variations.  

One change, that seems popular and stands out, is the move from a black to a white background.  An effort to to gain attention or just a opportunity to do something different?

Have a idea why this is occurring. 

For many years, all the school classrooms and meeting rooms were outfitted with blackboards that required white or colored chalk for writing.  

These days updated classrooms and meeting rooms are furnished with whiteboards that use black or colored writing pens.

Here at Today's Image we are certainly old-school with black background and white type.

We all tend to use what is familiar and for hipster web designers and bloggers, white is the new black.