Friday, June 17, 2016

TGIF: Relearning To Return

Been a week of trying and testing. With the return to film, have been getting my ducks in a row.  In returning to the simplicity of film, need to brush up on film photography equipment and skills. 

First of all, since it has been a couple of years since the film equipment has been used, will need to relearn the behavior of the tools.  In attempting to discover the various characteristics of each film lens and to speed up the testing, decided to use an adapter to attach a given lens to a Olympus digital camera body. 

While the lens on a film camera will be a bit different, the results from the digital body will provide enough information to get a feeling for the lens behavior. 

Using an adapter with the Olympus film lenses and the Olympus digital camera, they matched nicely and the results have proved useful. 

Also have a couple of screw mount - M42 - lenses that fit on the Pentax camera.  Using an adapter to mount these lenses on a Olympus digital body, the results were not completely satisfactory.  One - a Pentax - lens performed nicely, while the other - not a Pentax - would not focus to infinity. 

As the non-Pentax lens focuses to infinity on a screw mount film camera, checking out this lens will have to be postponed.

To determine corner sharpness, test images were made using various brick walls. The overall behavior of a given lens was determined by photographing a variety of landscapes.

After reviewing these test results, the next step is to couple them with a film camera.  

As these test results were not particularly useful beyond the checking out of a lens, will leave with an image of the simplicity of Amish bicycles.  

   Williamsburg, Indiana.