Saturday, June 11, 2016

TGIF continued: Camera Bag Just Got Heavy

Yesterday suggested that would explain the proposed step-back. 

For some time have been feeling that should be doing more monochrome - black and white - photography.  To help accomplish this, have decided to include a couple of film cameras to the everyday working kit of digital equipment.

In addition to the Olympus digital cameras will add two film friends.

On the left a OM Olympus and on the right a Pentax Spotmatic.  Now, they both have old school metal camera bodies and lenses, unlike the plastic Olympus digital equipment. They are a bit heavy to carry and hold, but it's doable. 

The Olympus - originally mine was recently returned and sports a 24mm lens and is fully functional.

The Pentax - on the right - has been tucked away for a number of years.  Since its trade-in value is almost nothing, have kept it around.  Yesterday's mail included the attached Pentax 35mm lens. 

However, there is one minor problem with the Pentax camera.  While the camera is essentially mechanical, it has a built in light meter that requires discontinued mercury battery. After a rather time consuming internet search, found an acceptable replacement battery which should arrive today.

Both these cameras will be loaded with black and white film. The digital Olympus digital cameras will continue to be programmed for color.

The next task is to prepare to process the exposed film. This should be relativity straightforward, as the equipment and chemical materials are in hand. 

The addition of these two into the digital mix requires a bit of visual learning.  Need to work on identifying, for a given subject, which representation to choose - color or black and white film.  Hopefully this learning curve is not too steep. 

Now it's off to prepare the darkroom for developing film.