Thursday, June 30, 2016

Decision Strategy

In keeping with a return to employing more black and white film, attempting to figure out when to choose between color and black and white to record a given subject. 

This is a personal decision, varying from individual to individual.  For many photographers they just pick a medium and work within that choice.

To help form a decision strategy, been reviewing previous posted images as a guide to resolving this choice.

Earlier posted this De Graft, Ohio photograph.

Now consider the same scene in black and white. 

Yes, now have retained the sharpness and a rather full range of tones but somehow the light is not as effective as the color version.

Earlier posted this Richmond, Indiana image.

The color original 

contains a couple strong primary colors.  However, prefer the black and white version over the color image.  Feel the strong form contained in the black and white version becomes overwhelmed by the color in the lower image.

It's not clear that these are rationally made decisions but rather are decided based on personal feelings.

In order to help in gaining experience in choosing, will often
use both mediums on a given subject.  In this way hopefully over time, the choice will become intuitive