Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Project: Poor Jack Amusements

Traveled along with Poor Jack Amusements of Milton, Indiana for over two seasons.  After meeting, before the start of a season with the owner, received permission to follow along and photograph the goings on of amusement life. 

While many would pay attention to the riders on various rides, games and food venues, my interest was in the workers. These are the people that are often ignored in the rush to amusement fun. The men and women that setup, operate and tear down the Midway at the end of the run.  

Support from management is one thing but the trust of the workers is another.  My pickup truck and slide-in camper indicated to them that this was no 20 miler, but here day in and day out for the season.

In order to cover quickly moving scenes, selected to use black and white film, along with 35mm and medium format equipment. 

Openly working - not sneaking about with camera - and offering subjects copies of photographs, trust and acceptance followed.  

Over the coming Wednesday's will post a selection of the results.

Setting up the Giant Wheel.

Note: To maintain personal security will not identify the workers.