Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Inspiration

Quickly returning home on U S Interstate 80 after a slow East coast to West coast cross country journey along Route 50 and with darkness approaching, stopped for the night in Adair, Iowa.

This turned out to be a personal important overnight.  With a population of less than 800, would seem to be just another stop in a small community.  After all, had just finished over a month of cross country travel / camping visiting and photographing many such locations along Route 50.  

While walking around the next morning only took maybe one or two photographs.  For some unknown reason this quick ramble set off some interior signals.  

   Adair, Iowa.

A brief walk that has set the tone for the last 5 years of exploring the Midwest.  It - the Midwest - is different from the Eastern and Western parts of the United States.  Not clear as to how to quantify this.   Land form, architecture and people - as well as many others - all make their contributions to this difference. Whatever it is, this is an rather unique part of the country.

Never know when, why or how inspiration surfaces but in this instance it did and has lasted to this day.