Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Beyond The Image

While all images are valued, some are valued a bit more.

We all have our favorites, our personally important photographs.  They may be family, reminders of trips taken or just plain we like them

Often the reason they are chosen is difficult to articulate, but just know which ones they are.

One of mine is a simple side wall of an antique store.

   Milton, Indiana.

For most folks there is nothing special about this photograph. Just a few sample items that are available for sale. 

For some, various selected samples have a special meaning that recall a previous experience.  Others will notice placements, arrangements and relationships between the items.  

A photograph that allows you not only to look and see but also contemplate and to wonder.    

Another time, another place there is a photograph that is personally engaging.        

   Cloverdale, Ohio

Ed's Tavern long closed and for the most part abandoned.

On first look, many will decide this just another example of run down and weathered construction that can be found all over the Midwest. Big Deal!

In viewing the scene what stands out are voices. The conversations, arguments, agreements and the sounds of silence that are contained in this building. 

A photograph that allows you to not only look and see but also to hear and wonder.