Friday, March 18, 2016

TGIF: Another Example of Returning

While wondering about in the Richmond Historic District some six years ago came upon Pollitt's and the Pastime Theatre.

Early yesterday afternoon, there was a brief Moment of Sun. Told Liah she was in charge and dashed out the door with camera in hand.  Five minutes later arrived in the District.  Been watching this location for several weeks and this was the first time that it was free of parked vehicles and people. 

Managed to take maybe three photographs before a rather old pickup truck arrived and parked where I wished to stand to take additional photographs.  So much for more points of view.

Returned to headquarters, pacified Liah and started processing the few taken images.  Found one that worked

Pollitte's is now High Hats antique and gift gallery and the Pastime Theatre  a CDs, Dvds, Tapes and Vinyl Record store.  Note that what was white is now black and what was black is not.  No clue as to the purpose of the fake 2-D Snowman.

Brief side note.  The top photograph was taken with an early Epson digital camera.  The lower image was captured with a modern Panasonic digital camera.  Both were post-processed the same way in the same software.  

This would explain the different rendering of the brickwork. The Epson camera was often referred to as producing a more film like color, while the Panasonic produces a less saturated file.