Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Interesting Times

Quiet weekend.  With two days of rather fine weather, we took several short neighborhood walks.

Spent the late afternoons and early evenings sorting out photography equipment.  Some cameras haven't been used in over two or three years.  Time to make keep and go piles. Not easy to say go to equipment that is still serviceable. Rather like saying good-by to an old friend that you will never see again.  Still if not used here perhaps a new life elsewhere.

This sorting out is not that different from a business closing and vacating their building.  After a bit another organization appears, likes the location, obtains the building, makes few structural changes and opens for business. 

Once the home of the Miller Hardware Company and the Richmond Industrial Supply Company, is now housing a retail furniture store.

Viewed from the back

and along the side.

  Richmond, Indiana.

Back story:  These two photographs were taken under the watchful eyes of two city police.  Finally they left their police car, approached, questioned as to what I was up to, told me to stop and leave immediately.  Interesting times.