Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: A Different Closing - Updated Again

Here in the Midwest, we have had several local factories and stores that have given up, ended production and sales and closed their businesses.  This one is a bit different.

Charlottesville, Indiana is a small community along U. S. Route 40 and East of Greenfield, Indiana.  First stopped to photograph the region in 2008.  Right along side of the highway was the post office.

Right next - not attached - were two closed and decaying buildings. The scene looked pretty much like this:

This past week it was announced that the post office was ordered closed.  The reason given, was the building was not safe.  Not only was the post office closed but all mail delivery for the community ended as well.

In order to obtain your mail, the folks of Charlottesville need to go to the post office in Knightstown and pick it up.  This implies that if you want your daily mail, you will need to make a round trip of ten miles. 

Big deal?  For most not.  For older, physically challenged and people without or unable to drive a vehicle it is a very big deal.

Yesterday drove over to view and photograph and found this::

Note the buildings on the left  in the earlier photograph are now removed.  Also the newspaper vending machine and the mail box have been moved closer to the post office building and the flag has been removed.

Next move will probably be either to raze or repair the post office building.  If torn down, the question is will there be a new post office building or will there be sidewalk mailboxes. Meanwhile folks continue to travel over to Knightstown to pick up their mail.