Friday, February 26, 2016

TGIF: Comparing Early and Late

Wind, rain and snow typical Winter in Indiana.  As a result the week has been spent revisiting and reviewing earlier work.

While photographic equipment has slowly changed and improved over the last few years, processing software has improved as well. Has been interesting to select a few images and reprocess them using the latest iteration of software. 

  Richmond, Indiana.

This landscape image was taken with an early Nikon camera - D100 - and reprocessed using the latest PhotoNinja and Photoshop software versions.

In keeping with recent documentary work we have

  Richmond, Indiana.

This scene was captured using a Nikon D2X camera and reprocessed as the previous image.

Interesting comparison not only between photography equipment used but also between the long closed Creamery and the very much up and running Purina factory.  

A final example, again using the Nikon D 2X and same processing software as before.

  Richmond, Indiana.

The long shuttered American Seeding Machine plant was once an important local manufacturing facility. In the distance along the railroad tracks is the Purina factory.

Comparing earlier equipment and recent software, as well as earlier and recent manufacturing facilities, suggests that the equipment and software hasn't changed as much as the local products manufactured.