Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Photography's Problem

Photography is a now medium. You are unable to go back to record the past nor can you move ahead to capture the future.  All that is possible is the present.

A challenge to this given is how to show the passing of time and the changes - if any - that have occurred.

One visual solution to this difficulty is to over time produce a collection of still images, construct an ordered sequence that show the passage of time. This, while showing movement through time, has problems as the chosen ordering may not be viewed in the manner that you constructed it.  

A visual solution to this new problem is to convert your ordered sequence of images into a book, a video or a movie. Now the viewing path is fixed as there is a beginning and an end. 

Now training has taught us that viewing will begin the way you intended and move to your chosen ending.  However, there will still be the possibility to skip about the arrangement or start at your ending image moving towards your staring point. This allows an understanding different from your intended message.

The solution is no solution. State your message and trust/hope it is received by viewers. 

In 2009 the Country Memories Florist in Spiceland, Indiana was closed and the building shuttered and roped off.

Returning a few years later the building was re-purposed and became pizza and ice cream store.  It too soon closed and the building up for sale.

Returning this past week, to discover that the building has become Stitches Quit Shop.

This ordering of photographs suggests a forward movement though time from past to now. A looking and a seeing ahead that is optimistic.  

Reversing the sequence would show a backward movement from now to the past.  A looking and a seeing back that is