Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Winter Strikes Richmond


Up early - as usual - to discover the temperature to be 6 degrees.  Now if this was Wisconsin, Minnesota or Iowa that would not seem unusual for this time of the year.  However after the rather warm conditions here, it is a bit of bother. 

On the weekend temperatures begin dropping along with rain changing to snow.  The result is that the morning walks are cut short because of the icy roads.  Managed to get a short wander about the neighborhood but it was just a tease.   

Late last week, when the weather was warmer, was able to do a city walkabout as sun was out and skies were clear.

   Richmond, Indiana.

During the coming days, will be posting a few more results from the city walkabout and the fall trip to Iowa. 

As always, click in an image for a larger view.