Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Morning Coffee: Winter Returns

Returning to posting after a brief holiday break.  

Up early for our quick walk around the neighborhood. Stepped out the door to discover ice with a thin layer of snow,  Seems during the night a light rain turned to freezing rain which morphed into a dash of snow.  

Off we went, walking carefully as the usual walking shoes - tennis shoes - are not all that great on ice and snow.  Made the journey without problems.

After some coffee and a bit of breakfast, decided that it was time to switch footwear to something more appropriate for the weather conditions.   

With the city roads dicey, did not try to attempt a trip on rural roads.  Instead, we did a short wander about the neighborhood.  

Among other things this past week, have been spending time sorting photo equipment.  Reviewing what has been used and what items have seen little use.  Will say more about the choices and decisions later.

From earlier and warmer time:

  Oxford Junction, Iowa