Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Walcott, Iowa Walkabout

Walcott's interchange on Interstate 80 is home to an enormous complex of restaurants, motels, truck stops including the Iowa 80 truck stop which is the worlds largest.

Walcott is a city of 2.96 square miles in the state of Iowa.  In 2000 its population was1529, in 2010 it was 1629 and by 2013 it had dropped to 1623.  This is a growth of 6.2% since 2000.

On leaving the interstate and and entering the city there are two delightful side by side brick and stone buildings.

A bit further down the street there is further evidence of skilled craftsman working with brick and stone.

Finally, what was once a theater and now a cafe.

Walcott is one of the few cities that has a positive growth and is worthy of another visit.