Friday, October 16, 2015

TGIF:Amboy, Illinois

Returned, earlier this week, to Richmond after wandering a bit more than 1000 miles in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa for a few days. Liah returned from camp a day later. 

In the process of editing and processing a couple hundred images for posting over the coming weeks.

Will begin with Amboy, Illinois and two views along the downtown main street.

Of course there is a Masonic Lodge building.   As usual there are a few empty storefronts along with the American flags.

 The closed hardware store offered variety of products and services, but seemly not enough to stay in business.

Amboy's population was 2394 in 2013.  This was a decrease of 6.5% from the census 0f 2000.

Comparing the city of Amboy to the Illinois state average, we find: 

Median house value, unemployed percentage, college students and percentage of population with a bachelors degree or higher all below the state average. 

Additionally black race population percentage, Hispanic race population percentage and foreign-born population percentage are all significantly below the state average.  

It is not only retail stores that are closed, there is also a wonderful stone Church that is unused and closed.

Not every location is closed, as there are a few open and busy locations. Such as gaming