Friday, October 2, 2015

TGIF: Moving Towards Motion

Fall has arrived here at the HQ of Today's Image with morning Preble County walks with temperatures in high forty's. 

This past week has been occupied attempting to come to grips with a new - to me - Adobe Premiere movie software program.  This program is designed to put together a movie from camera clips.   Seems to have at least three skill levels.  

First level is a quick template that is pretty much a plug in of camera clips with a few simple choices. Next level is more complex as it allows for a variety of choices instead of the simple templates.  The final advanced level offers a menu of choices that include pace, sound and  text.  

After a week, still in the quick template level.  Appears to be a rather steep learning curve that will take a bit of time.

Will leave with an outback view of the former International Harvester plant.

  Richmond, Indiana.