Friday, August 28, 2015

TGIF: End of Summer

Quiet and relaxing end of summer week with lots of long and short walks.  With fuel rather pricey - close to $3,00 per gallon - have remained close to Today's Image HQ and traveling only when necessary.

Shaped up and prepared the studio area in order to do a bit of requested portrait photography.  Session went smoothly, finished the post processing and as don't do this often anymore, packed up and put away the studio equipment.  

Earlier in the week found this in the front yard.

As written earlier, we have had a lot of rain.  Just another indication of how much has fallen. 

With the Indiana refinery up and running again, gasoline prices are dropping.  This along with the weather promising to be favorable this weekend, looks as if will be a fine time to be out and about photographing.  Check back Monday for results.