Monday, August 10, 2015

Monay Morning Coffee: Rural Ramble

Usually don't venture out on Saturday's.  However, warm and somewhat overcast weather made for a spot of travel around Wayne County.
Been a while since took the time to roam about the rural landscape.  So for a change of pace, decided to check out the countryside rather then local cities and towns.
Near Jacksonburg came upon

at the entrance of a farmhouse lane.   Even in the county there seems to be a desire to show the flag.

Bit further on came across

Often see Indiana University flags displayed by businesses and homeowners, but this is the first time have encountered the Indiana University logo on a corn crib. 
Had planed to wander about in Northern Indiana on Sunday, but the weather was very overcast and not inviting for photography.  After a morning walk, spent the day inside the HG.  Turned out to be fine as returned to an earlier passion - bread baking. 
Ended up being a very successful day as, in addition to fine bread, Liverpool won their Futbol game.  Will have a go at Northern Indiana next weekend.