Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee - Reheated: Attica, Indiana

Here at the Today's Image World H Q, it has been a busy time. Along with continuing daily rain storms, we have experienced some strong winds.  As the grounds have many large and older trees, there was a large collection of broken limbs covering the property.  Many hours spent in picking and cutting up the fallen branches, finally finished at noon today.  However, more stormy weather is expected later today.

Along with a fresh cup of coffee, a fine time to recall a visit to Attica, Indiana.  Now, Attica was laid out and platted in 1825.  The completion of the Wabash and Erie Canal through the town in 1847 brought a considerable amount of growth to the area.   Today the population is a touch under 3300.

 Arrived in Attica late morning, parked the car and begin wandering along the main street. First off the Low Rider Station.

A bit further along the street we have The Blue and The Gray Antiques store.

Along the street between these two buildings are three rather interesting structuresTwo are recycled with only the street level being used.

Of the three buildings, the nicely maintained Central National Bank & Trust Co. retains its original function.

Enjoyed wandering about Attica as it was a quiet and refreshing time on a full day of travel. 

The rain and wind have returned as this is being posted.