Friday, June 19, 2015

TGIF:Rain and Delphi

With rain and tree limbs falling, we are - much to Liah's dismay - inside waiting for weather to clear.

In April traveled to Delphi, Indiana.  The city of Delphi is the county seat and only city in Carroll County.  In 2010 the population was 2,893 and last report is bit over 3,000.

Yes, they have a I.O.O.F lodge hall.

Interesting combination of traditional - for Indiana - red brick building and Chinese carryout.  Indiana is indeed becoming a bit more diverse.

Delphi's history has been influenced by various forms of transportation.  It is on the Wabash River and Deer Creek waterways.  The first state highway from Terre Haute to Fort Wayne was routed through Delphi. 

Boarding the city is the Wabash & Erie Canal which has left its mark on Delphi.

Finally, while wondering around and photographing was  shadowed by a Delphi Police car.  These are Interesting times.