Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee: Returning

Photography has the ability to capture a now moment.  Not yesterday or tomorrow but now. To give a sense of time requires returning and recording the new now.

In 2009  went to and photographed  Spiceland, Indiana.  A bit of information about Spiceland.  The population today is about 900 people.  Also comparing to Indiana state average we have:
          Median house value below state average.
          Unemployed percentage below state average.
          Black race population significantly below state        
          Hispanic race average population percentage
          significantly below state average.
          Foreign-born population percentage significantly
          below state average.
          House age above state average.
 August, 2009 the closed floral shop looked like

In June, 2015 a restored location housing a different business.

In August, 2009 Wilson's Market was up, running and open for business.

In June, 2015 it is closed and for sale.

A few locations are relatively the same in 2015 as they were in 2009. The Post Office and the neighboring barber shop are pretty much unchanged. 

In August 2009

and in June 2015

Returning to continue growing and gain a better understanding.