Friday, May 29, 2015

TGIF:Uniqueness / Common

 A couple of observations from traveling about the Midwest and stopping to spend time in the smaller communities.

With the declining populations, many earlier important organizations have withered and died.  Among these are the social/secret lodges such as the Masons and IOOF.  Their buildings, if still usable, are often converted to other uses.

Heyworth, Illinois.

Here as in a number of locations, there is also a dance studio.
The Village of Heyworth is an incorporated place in McLean County, Illinois

The formal official name is the Village of Heyworth, but most people and references simply refer to it a Heyworth, Illinois.

It was founded in 1856.  As of 2010, Heyworth has a population of 2841.

Another common site is a clue as to how people spent their free time.

 In Heyworth at the VFW there is bingo every Monday night.

In addition to finding uniqueness, it is Interesting to discover those things that are common.