Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Monday Morning Coffee - Reheated: Extended Weekend

Once again a bit late with the Monday Morning Coffee post.  This time have a reason for the tardiness.  

Last Thursday, packed up cameras, started a four day journey across Indiana, Illinois and Eastern Iowa. 

Traveling back-roads and moving along at 55 mph. Often stopping to walk, explore and photograph in the many small communities.  

Liah, much to her dismay, didn't make the trip as she went off to camp - aka kennel.

On returning to Richmond, had traveled 1200 miles and taken 300 photographs.The upcoming days will be spent in reviewing, selecting and editing, with the results forming the basis of blog entries.

One of the last places visited was Farmer City which is located in East Central Illinois with a population of some 2000.

In Farmer City, along with ever so many other smaller places, there are reminders of various social organizations.  Some are still alive and active.  Others not so much.

The lodge halls are examples of carefully crafted brick work.  Outside of a bank, these meeting places often are the most impressive structure to be found in the community.

  Farmer City, Illinois.

A few doors away, along Main Street stands a Masonic Lodge.  These days, the street level is given over to a retail video business and genealogical and historical society.

   Farmer City, Illinois.

Enough for now.  Future posts will offer more views of Farmer City,